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I have always been passionate about photography.


I draw inspiration from urban landscapes, cities at night and nature. Though I am attracted by many themes, I am currently focusing my work on three main ones. First, I have always been moved by the poetry of everyday objects. A sunbeam can bring a commonplace inanimate object to life. 


City lights are another recurring theme in my work.

Finally,  I am interested in hyperrealism and the confusion of photography with painting so that observers are convinced they are standing in front of a canvas.


Photography is my way of showing reality from a different perspective.

Past exhibitions:

- David Lloyd Brussels (July - August 2014) 

- Accessible Art Fair Brussels (2014)

- The Staircase, Brussels, solo photographer, together with sculptor Olivia Delwart (June 2015)

- Young Belgian Designers at Caméleon Woluwé (Sept - Oct 2015)

- Vernissage at a private event (October 2015)

- Accessible Art Fair Brussels (October 2015)

- Vernissage at B19 (November 2015)

- Exhibition ArtMagna at Seed Factory (16-30 March 2016)

- Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, with ArtMagna (16-19 June 2016)

- Accessible Art Fair Brussels (2016)

- Solo exhibition at 9Hotel Sablon, Brussels (April-June 2017) 

- Solo exhibition at 9Hotel République, Paris (June-August 2017) 

- Exhibition at B19 Brussels (June -August 2017) 

- Accessible Art Fair Brussels (Bozar, Brussels, October 2017)

- Collective Exhibition at Sablon Brussels (2017)

- Accessible Art Fair Brussels (Bozar, Brussels, October 2018)

- Accessible Art Fair Brussels (Bozar, Brussels, October 2019)

- Collection exhibition Rest-art (2020)

- Solo exhibition at LBA (Le Beau a une Adresse, 2020-2021)

All pictures on this website can be purchased in a format, printing method and framing to be discussed. Pictures are sold in limited editions of 7 originals (all available formats included).

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